blue quill community shows off its green thumb

2020 pop-up community gardens

In partnership with the City of Edmonton, the League hosted two temporary pop-up garden sites from May to September 2020. These temporary garden sites in Blue Quill and Skyrattler Parks were part of a City program aimed at increasing the number of community gardens across Edmonton during the COVID-19 crisis. Garden containers were assembled in a way that respected physical distancing and were used primarily for growing edible crops. The pop up community gardens provided residents with a safe, outdoor recreational activity that supported access to fresh food and eased the worry of food security for many.

The temporary pop up garden installations showed just how much enthusiasm and support there is among residents for permanent community gardening space in our neighbourhood. It also confirmed that despite the challenges of COVID-19, community gardening can be enjoyed while respecting public health requirements and physical distancing.

covid-19 update

The Garden Committee has modified its planning activities in view of the evolving pandemic, but remains committed to the merits of the community garden project. We are still in the project planning stages but continue to make great progress.

preliminary plans and timelines

The Garden Committee completed a major milestone in May 2020, and is awaiting feedback and approval from the City of Edmonton on our preliminary plans and timelines for the community garden project. Pending approval, we hope to develop a small garden site near the Blue Quill Community Hall with an expansion garden site in Skyrattler Park.

The League is proceeding with plans to install a temporary pilot garden at BQCL Hall by next spring (May 2021). Details of the garden program will be announced in early spring. At that time, residents who are interested in participating will be able to register online though this website.

Our target is to start construction on the permanent garden at BQCL Hall late in the 2021 growing season. Once the Community Garden at BQCL Hall is up and running, we would move the temporary pilot garden installation to Skyrattler Park, then begin work in several stages to develop the expanded garden site.

Keep up to date on our webpage and follow our progress on our Blue Quill Community Garden Facebook Page!

If you would like more information on the project please contact Wanda at