environmental sustainability

We at Blue Quill understand the importance of environmental sustainability and how it applies to our future generation. With the help from community fundraising and grants that are available, we use this to fund projects that reduce our carbon footprint and in turn benefit the rest of the community.

In 2018, BQCL introduced an Energy Efficiency Upgrade Initiative and has continued to improve our building each year.

LED Lighting Retrofit

All interior and exterior lighting has been replaced with LED technology. This means a savings of about 60% on what we used to spend on lighting costs.

Solar Generation

The roof has been covered with the largest community league driven installation of solar panels in Edmonton. It is a 54 kilowatt facility capable of feeding back into the power grid, resulting in approximately 30% reduction in power consumption over the year.
You can view how well our building is performing here.

Historical Results

The following shows how much power we’ve generated and the potential cost savings because of it.

YearPower GeneratedCost Savings Estimate (~8 c/KWh)
2018 (Aug-Dec)8.87MWh$709.60
2020 (Ongoing)51.88MWh$4150.40

Heating and Cooling

Programmable WiFi thermostats have been installed to introduce efficient heating and cooling in the building.
In Spring 2021 we are installing a high efficiency furnace and boiler to replace the existing ones.

You can read more about our initiative, which was highlighted by the EFCL at: Blue Quill Community League | Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (efcl.org)