blue quill announces its community garden design plans

The Blue Quill Community League is excited to share our vision for a community garden in our neighbourhood. We’ve been talking about this project for the past year, and have been working with residents and the City to develop our plans.

We Want to Hear from You! 

Please share your thoughts, ideas and questions before we finalize our construction plans.

proposed garden design

The garden site plan has been designed with four themes in mind. As you look through the details of the plan, think about your vision of a community garden. What features of a community garden are important to you? How would you and your family use or enjoy this space? Please share your ideas with us.

theme 1 : main garden area

theme 2: an accessible garden

theme 3: a shared garden

theme 4: a gathering area

theme 1: main garden area

The main garden area will be an allotment-style garden, where individual garden beds are assigned to different gardeners. Gardeners would be charged a fee to rent the plot for the season and be responsible for planting, watering, maintaining and harvesting the produce that they grow.

main garden features:

  • 15 raised wood garden beds (8’ x 4’)
  • 5 trellis beds (8’ x 2’) for vertically growing plants
  • a post and rail style wood fence with non-climbable wire mesh
  • 2 swing gates with arbours
  • a wood garden shed and compost bin
  • an underground water line from the League Hall for water access
  • a rainwater barrel
  • A 3-sided fence enclosure to disguise the waste and recycling bins
  • A shrub border – a “living screen” – adjacent to the parking lot

theme 2: accessible garden 

The accessible garden is a distinct gardening space designed for ease of access for individuals using ambulatory aides or wheelchairs. 

accessible garden features:

  • a concrete base that seamlessly leads off the League’s front walkway 
  • 2 sitting height garden beds and 4 standing height beds
  • a post and rail style wood fence 
  • 2 gates with arbours 
  • an in-ground perennial bed with flowering vines on trellises
  • a flowering shrub bed bordering the concrete pad
  • a bench 
  • water access with an ergonomically-designed tap  

theme 3: a shared garden 

The shared garden space is designed to be accessed and enjoyed by everyone.

shared garden features:

  • community berry bushes 
  • fruit trees
  • an in-ground perennial bed with pollinator shrubs and plants
  • a dedicated “pick me” raised garden bed – vegetables, herbs or fruits grown specifically for community harvesting

theme 4: a gathering area

The Gathering Area is a welcoming space for residents to get together.

gathering area features:

  • shade trees and fruit trees
  • a large pergola 
  • a long picnic table   
  • a garden swing  
  • ornamental bushes along the walkway to the Community Centre

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