construction at blue quill community centre

Get ready for some big changes at the Blue Quill Community League hall!

Beginning in mid-May, the League will begin site preparations for 2 big projects – construction of our permanent community garden, north of the Blue Quill Community League parking lot, and addition of a storage container, near the volleyball courts.

1) Construction of the Permanent Community Garden – Construction is expected to begin in early May. The landscaper will begin by grading the community garden area, in preparation for installation of permanent garden fencing, main water line, and raised garden beds. We will also be focusing on planting communal fruit trees, berry shrubs, and perennial beds. 

2) Storage container project – the slope of the front of the volleyball court to the back of the tennis practice wall will be reduced and graded. The landscape will also install a gravel pad, where the storage unit will be placed later this summer. The volleyball court may be temporarily closed for a few days during construction. 

👷🏼‍♂️ Safety First! 

Temporary fencing will be installed around both construction areas for the duration of the summer.

For everyone’s safety, please keep out of the fenced construction zones.

Please pay attention to all safety notices in the construction areas, and keep a respectful distance away from contractors/equipment while the work is underway.

There will be some noise disturbances from construction during daylight hours.  

If you have any questions or concerns about these construction projects, please contact the Blue Quill Community League office at 780-438-3366 or email